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Meet Kenneth Lebbon
Executive Director of CURES for Chester

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About Ken Lebbon

Ken Lebbon is a dreamer and makes dreams come true using strategic planning
and management. His success in community development stems from love for
people and diverse cultures coupled with his love for the people of Chester. He
holds a bachelor’s degree in management from the State University of New
York and a master’s degree from Cappella University in management of
nonprofit agencies (MPA). His experience prior to coming to CURES for Chester
involved troubleshooting problems in nonprofit agencies and 35 years of
executive management.
As Executive Director for CURES for Chester, Ken has been instrumental in
increasing the organizational and mission capacity in several areas. After
gaining approval for CURES for Chester as a Qualified Employer (QE) of loan
packagers for the USDA Rural Development 502 Direct program, Ken
immediately went to training and became the first packager. There are now
three packagers working for this program under the CURES for Chester
umbrella and many home approvals are in the works.
By leasing and renovating the vacant National Exchange Bank building in
Chester, a new Event Center has been produced to bring activity and
recreational opportunity to downtown Chester. Two other buildings have been
acquired for renovation. One to provide office and storage space and the other
to be renovated and sold.
The Hometown Heroes program was initiated by Ken to give pride to the
residents of Chester by displaying boulevard banners of local military veterans.
Ken’s passion for progress and inclusion of all communities is his key to success
as a leader and ambassador for CURES for Chester.


Kostopolos Dream Foundation
Board Officer & Secretary

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